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Brand Expand offers an extensive range of custom branded apparel, including corporate, school and team uniforms, as well as promotional clothing for special events. From embroidery to printing to digital transfers, we will recommend the best decoration technology to complement your logo.

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Take your marketing on the move with our huge range of custom branded bags! From overnight bags to backpacks to sports bags to promotional carry and shopping bags, whatever the type of bag you are looking for, we can decorate it with your business or club logo giving your brand fabulous visibility.

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Ensure your business stands out in any crowd with a custom printed outdoor display such as a promotional teardrop banner, vinyl banner or marquee, or a custom branded indoor display like a promotional pull up banner.

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Branded Office Merchandise is always popular for cost-effective and highly practical giveaways. We have an extensive range of Promotional Office Products and Custom Printed Stationery to suit every purpose and budget.

Pens are particularly popular and we have hundreds of different styles for you to custom print. So be sure to contact us for more options, if you aren’t able to find your perfect plastic promotional pen, stylus pen or high quality metal on this site!

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Promotional drinkware is always valued by recipients and gives your brand great long lasting exposure as clients and staff members tend to take it with them wherever they go. Custom branded drink bottles, stubby holders and coffee cups are hugely popular and we have options to suit all budgets and requirements.

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Promotional Products are a necessity for all events whether it be to help the event run smoothly or to give the attendee a gift to be remembered by.

Promotional lanyards are imperative for conferences, just as they are in most workplaces, and we have a huge range of styles and attachments that you can choose to custom brand.

You may wish to decorate your event venue with custom printed balloons of all shapes and colours

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The perfect gift is one that the recipient will want to use again and again for years to come. So when you find the ideal present it’s important to ensure it features your company’s logo and reminds them who gave them the fabulous item!... hence why our custom branded corporate gifts are so popular!

To further enhance your marketing, we have promotional gift boxes and custom printed ribbon to ensure the packaging is beautiful and on brand. We would love to help you with the best gift ideas for your valuable employees or clients.

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Whether they’re a professional, corporate or social golfer, we have promotional golf products and custom branded golfing gear to suit their needs and your marketing requirements. From custom printed golf balls to branded golf tees to golf bags featuring your logo, we have your presence at the golf day sorted!

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Promotional headwear products are always a great hit with clients of all ages. Who doesn’t love a trendy customized hat, with your logo embroidered or printed on a beanie, trucker cap, or bucket hat. Our large range of caps and hats are both stylish and comfortable.

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It’s always great to associate your brand with enjoyment, so what better way to do so than print your logo on fun and practical items that your stakeholders will love! We have an extensive range of cost effective fun promo items from a custom printed stress shapes to inflatables to games for all ages, which are ideal for event giveaways.

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Promotional sporting goods and lifestyle products are highly valued gifts in marketing campaigns and this is increasingly so as the importance of leading an active lifestyle and enjoying leisure time is highlighted. We can feature your brand or artwork on any product you can imagine from a Sherrin footy, to a corporate branded golf umbrella, to fitness and beach towels with sublimation print or customised embroidery.

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Promotional sunscreen is vital for outdoor events in our Australian climate. From small branded single-use personal sachets through to small tubes or bottles with carabiners and larger containers with dispensers, we can custom brand the 30+ or 50+ sunblock option of your choice. Sun protection is a responsible and very useful promotional gift for your staff and clients that they will be grateful for.

Likewise, promotional hand sanitiser is also an imperative item and your staff and clients need to have it on hand in their offices, cars, handbags and at all functions and events. We have a range of hand sanitiser bottle and tube sizes that you can custom brand.
We also have a range of promotional beauty items that can be printed with your company logo. These custom branded pampering products such as custom printed lip balm and body lotion, show the recipient you care and value them immensely.

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